FREE Functional Mobility Classes

Can we help you or someone you know feel better?

How: Functional Mobility Classes.

What is Functional Mobility: It’s something we all need. In fact, our bodies crave it.

We all love that feeling when our bodies just feel great. When they move really well all of the time. 
In clinic, we like to call it nutritious movement.

Essentially, functional mobility is the movements that we do every day (at work, school, sport, holiday). Movements like squat, bend, sit, stand, push, pull and lay.

These movements completed correctly will make feel confident, in control, strong and functional.

These movements performed incorrectly over a period of time can create stress on the body that later presents itself as pain. If these inefficient movements are continued and repeated in combination with:
– heavy lifting
– long periods of intensity
– high speed
– reduced recovery time —> your body will become inflamed, fatigued and injured.

If you know someone who needs nutritious movement to help:
– restore
– heal
– rest and
– recover
from the movements they do at work, school, sport, holiday, then the following movement classes will be perfect for them.

Someone who is in pain, has inflammation, stress and movement dysfunction.

Someone who wants to exercise but simply feels like they cannot. These classes are you.

The Functional Mobility classes are designed around movement but are not considered exercise. 
Exercise is for healthy people and if you have pain, inflammation, stress and movement dysfunction, you are not healthy.

When, Where and How?
The following 3 classes are available to everyone and are lead by our Clinical Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist.

Bookings are essential – Please book online

1. Mobility Func! (This class is for everyone – Even if you struggle with pain and movement)

2. Ground Up Therapy Rehab (Area specific classes) 
– Feet to knee Class
– Hip to lower back
– Thoracic to Neck

3. Functional Movement Pilates (FMP is a pre-pilates to develop nutritious movement + before moving into higher demands of function and strength)

We believe if people feel better, then they will think clearer and do more of what they love. 
We know people are stressed, so stressed that they have inflammation in their body that causes injury and illness.

We know that if we can help people feel better by identifying their stressors, then we can begin to reduce inflammation that causes pain and discomfort and treat injury at its source.

**You must book to attend. ** 
These classes are FREE but there are limited spaces. 
To see a timetable of what’s available and to book online go to


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