What is pain? And why do you have it?

What is pain? 

Typically, pain it not associated with anything fun. In fact, it can be unpleasant, unrelenting and life changing. 

Most people have felt some form of pain in the body, whether its there everyday or only for a short period, really extreme or just minor.

Interestingly, it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical pain (e.g back or neck pain), pain can be produced from varied emotional, environmental, behavioural, financial, and psychological stressors too.  

Do you live with pain?
Do you understand where your pain comes from?

Watch this video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_3phB93rvI

This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain. It helps you understand what current research has been saying about chronic pain – thats its not a joint or muscle problem, rather a ‘re-wiring’ of the brain perception of itself. In other words, the brain has become more sensitive than before.

Its my job to understand your pain, so I can help you defeat your pain. When’s the last time you addressed your pain? Do you know where it is coming from and why?

If you don’t, lets talk… 
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Josh from PhysioCall.com.au


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